Self-Defense Instructor Certification

Womens Self-Defense Class Technqiue Practice

There will always be a demand for self-defense classes! By becoming an ACT certified self-defense instructor, you’ll be able to offer the highest quality self-defense education to draw more students to your martial arts, fitness, or personal safety programs.

Our mission is to empower people with effective, relevant training in the dynamics of assault, assault risk mitigation, and physical self-defense. Our curriculum encompasses stranger attacks, acquaintance attacks, and physical self-defense techniques to escape or prevail.

Our Certification

Are you passionate about empowering women? We are currently certifying instructors for our 2-hour women’s self-defense curriculum. Certification requires attending our 6-hour instructor education. You will learn how to speak intelligently about violence against women, become well-versed in the self-defense education components, and learn how to effectively teach the physical self-defense techniques. You’ll teach women how to find their voice and how to fight back fiercely and intelligently.

Certified ACT Self-Defense Instructors receive a license for our exclusive curriculum, including a detailed Instructor Guide, PowerPoint to help keep you on track during class, and Student Guides to distribute to your students. The student guide includes one page dedicated to promoting your organization and/or sponsors. You can use this page to offer students an opportunity to participate in ongoing physical self-defense classes and/or patronize your sponsors.

Instructor Candidate Requirements

Our women’s self-defense curriculum is designed to be delivered by women with a male co-instructor. Many women who take a self-defense class do so because they have been victims of assault and/or rape. Men who lead women’s self-defense classes frequently report female students being triggered and breaking down, especially by the physical self-defense techniques.

ACT Self-Defense Certified Instructors

Women’s self-defense classes led by a female lead instructor with a male co-instructor have proven to virtually eliminate victims breaking down from trauma triggers. Any female who trains in a martial art or self-defense discipline, is a professional fitness instructor, or is a law enforcement professional may enroll in an ACT Self-Defense certified instructor class. Male co-instructors are recruited by certified instructors and do not need to be certified.

Men who would like to become certified are encouraged to contact us for personal reference and background check requirements.

Our Next Certification Class

Saturdays November 2, 2019 – November 30, 2019

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