Women's Self-Defense Classes

Women's Self-Defense Classes

Studies prove that women who have taken a self-defense class are less likely to be targeted, and more likely to get away if they are.

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Men's Self-Defense Classes

Men's Self-Defense Classes

Learn how to effectively deter predators, de-escalate potentially physical conflict, and to physically defend yourself if required.

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Have an On-Site Class

Book a private self-defense class for your group! We can come to you with group rates or participants paying individually.

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There will always be criminals and bullies. The world would be a less violent place if everyone had the benefit of a quality education in risk awareness, verbal self-defense, and basic physical self-defense. That’s why we’re here.

Our self-defense classes provide a holistic education in the dynamics of violence, how to reduce the likelihood you will be a victim, and how to effectively physically defend yourself if required.

Our seminars and workshops help you gain awareness, confidence, and life-saving physical self-defense skills.

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Some of Our Self-Defense Tips

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Why Take a Self-Defense Class?

1. Build Confidence

One of the biggest advantages to taking self-defense classes is the boost to self-confidence. Our self-defense classes build confidence in your ability to detect assault risk, de-escalate aggression, and successfully escape a physical assault with practical, effective self-defense techniques.

2. Improve Your Risk Awareness

Experts agree that roughly 90% of self-defense is risk awareness. Our self-defense classes are designed to improve your knowledge of how social and asocial predators choose their targets so that you can intelligently reduce your risk of being a victim.

3. Improve Your Ability to De-Escalate

In addition to learning ow predators operate and what they want, our self-defense education will teach you what they’re afraid of, and how to leverage that fear to de-escalate situations that could become physically violent.

4. Equip You with Simple, Effective Physical Self-Defense Techniques

The physical self-defense techniques in our classes are drawn from an array of martial arts. Each is chosen for its ease of learning and effectiveness against bigger and stronger predators.

5. Help You Develop a Warrior Spirit

A warrior is someone who confidently faces conflict. Experts agree, taking a self-defense class helps you be mentally prepared for battle and, most importantly, survival. Having the knowledge and skills to keep a situation from escalating into violence and, if necessary, protect yourself with deadly force, helps you confidently face conflict.

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